Our services

We provide technical and recovery service of the power engineering facilities. We work with the indoor equipment as well as with the external one. Our strong qualified specialists overhaul any equipment with all the proficiency and perfect mastery.

People who work with us are noble engineers and energy experts having deep knowledge and practical skills. It is a leading team which took part in projects point to cost reduction and economy of the environmental resources. Principally it is energy resources.

Today company’s activity has many directions. The main task is tо provide uninterrupted power delivery to the customer. We deal in:


  • Transmission and distribution.
  • Operation and maintenance in good working condition of networks.
  • Buying and selling of the electric equipment.
  • Managing of multicorporate enterprises.


  The global aim is to unite all the owners of power stations, upgrading and de- grandfathering of common manufacturing, increasing its profitability, modernization of all the system.


  1. Buying and selling of electric equipment and grids.
  2. Buying and selling of heat networks and systems and equipment.
  3. Power generation by conventional thermal power station and hydroelectric power station and nuclear electric power station.
  4. Power station operation, engineering service.
  5. Rendering of a service in retailing companies in energetic sphere.