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In 1839 Alexandre-Edmond Becquerel discovered photovoltaic effect (Becquerel effect). 44 years later Charles Fritts constructed the first module on sun power based on selenium with aurum coating.  The 1883 is considered to be the year sun power energy was born.

In this way humanity has following results:

On the 25th of April Bell Laboratories declared they create solar accumulators based on silicium to produce current. Three specialists of the company discovered it – Calvin Souther Fuller, Daryl Chaplin, and Gerald Pearson.

On the 17th of 1985 the first satellite with solar accumulators was lofted in the USA – Vanguard 1.

On the 15th of May 1985  the first satellite with solar accumulators was lofted in the USSR– Sputnik-3.

In 2010 1,170 megawatt of solar thermal power stations work in the around the world.  582 power stations were in Spain and 507 in the USA. 17,54 gigawatt of thermal power stations is planning tobe build and 8670 megawatt in the USA, as well as a 4460 megawatt in Spain and a 2500 megawatt in China.

In 2010 one can find 23 suppliers from 12 counties who offered flat solar collectors and there were 88 suppliers of evacuated U-pipe collectors from 21 countries.

Stirling Solar Energy Company is working at oversize collectors now – up to 150 kilowatt and Stirling engine. They built the biggest sun power station in California. The power of it can be exaggerate up to 850 megawatt.

Jores Alferov the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize said that it is humanity’s future after the sun power. The power of the Sun will be privatized by people of the Earth.

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