Solar Collector

The sun power is the most ecological kind of energy. It is free and inexhaustible. Every 8 minutes the Sun gives us as much energy as people can waste the whole year. The Sun shines only one day but we have reservoir of energy for 180 years to come. The Sun sends to The Earth 960 billiard kilowatt per day in terms of numbers. That means that humanity will use the Sun power as well as the other kinds of energy in the nearest future.

Solar Collectors пare the alternative energy points which are used for hot water and cold water or heating. Solar Collector takes up radiation and transfers it into thermal power and gives back to the heat conductor. Solar Heat Collector is a perfect addition to standard utility services. This kind of equipment reduces hazardous emission which pollutes environment. Due to modern and highly effective equipment which Territorial Grid Company offers, you can lower your yearly payments for hot and cold water and heating up to 35% – 47%. It does not matter what kind of fuel type you use – gas, pellets, electric power, liquid fuel. The Solar Collector System is absolutely in keeping with all types of standard utility services.

Solar Collectors consist of a number of glass tubes and absorbent which is inside the tubes. The tubes covered with selective coating. The system catches the solar rays and transfers them into thermal energy. The collectors can be of two kinds – monotube and indirect heating transfer collectors. The monotube collectors work without pressure and connect on water pipes using isolation valve. In Russia this kind of collectors can be operated only from April to September. The indirect heating transfer collectors can be operated all year around and work in the same way the central heating system does – water gets hot, runs to boiler connected on central system or hot water supply. The Solar Collector is established immobile, the canting angle is by design. When The Solar Collector is fixed, it is turned to the South, but mind the landscape. It is recommended to deflect from south orientation less than 20˚. In this position warmth produces normally. In Northern parts usually use near – vertical angle. In this case the accumulator accepts more x-rays reflected from surface crust.